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At Wild Rocket, we are more than just a web development studio; we're a small team of UK-based digital artisans committed to crafting exceptional web and business applications. Our expertise lies in leveraging battle-tested technologies like Laravel and Vue.js to deliver top-tier results. We pride ourselves on never compromising on quality, ensuring an outstanding return on investment through both our work's caliber and our *mind-blowing* swift project turnarounds.

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How can we help you?

Are you ready to elevate your digital presence, streamline your systems, or bring a visionary idea to life? At Wild Rocket, we specialise in turning your digital aspirations into tangible successes. Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs:

Digital Development

Dive into the Digital with our completely bespoke end to end web and app development services. From stunning websites to intuitive applications, we can create digital experiences that captivate your audience and drive engagement.

Systems Development

Efficiency is key in business. Our system development solutions are designed to optimise your operations. We build robust, scalable systems that streamline processes, improve productivity, and support your growth. And we can be there for all parts of your journey with our support and retainer options.


Got an innovative idea or want to see if a solution is feasible? See it come to life with our prototyping services. We help you visualize and test your concepts, providing a solid foundation for development and refinement.

“We love working with Jake and the Wild Rocket team. They are experts at being able to take our ideas and work with us to build out what we need from a project. Work is always delivered on time and what stands them apart is their friendly, can-do, solutions focus. We couldn't recommend them more highly.”

Ian Pain
Director & Co-Founder of The Crowd Agency

Recent Work

Systems Development · Product


Looking to innovate beyond the ordinary student experience of confusing websites and even more confusing systems?

With technology moving at such a quick pace, focus on what you and your students need rather than what's always been available. MemPlus isn't just a single system, it's a new way to think digitally - with your students at the heart of it.


Digital Development · The Crowd

The Kortext "Pick a book" game

We developed the game for our partners at the Crowd Agency to create a "pick a book" game which allowed Students during Freshers Fair's across the country to pick a book on a screen and get a prize!

We created all systems from backend stock and reporting, through to front-end prototypes to final application pre-installed on giant displays.

The solution proved to be very successful and will now be used as a long term solution for the Client!

Digital Development · CBN

Claim Bitcoin Network

Cryptocurrency is big business - and our partners at CBN were right in the middle of the boom period! We helped their team by building their technology stack from the ground up with a suite of backend solutions and front end applications on the Android and iOS stores.

When CBN deployed to the app store, we then become their experts at both the day to day running of a massive application and their support team - allowing them to do what they do best.

The application grew to 1.3 million users across both Android and iOS, with 800,000 daily active users and a high of 100 million API requests per day - all on managed hardware and software by our team!

Previous Work

Digital Development · UPSU

Election system for Students

Prototype · NDA

Image Classifier for Application

Digital Development · Kisslytics

Internal analytics and reporting solution

Prototype · NDA

Reporting solution twinned with LLMs

Digital Development · UPSU

Groups Management system for Students

Digital Development · Protoypes · NDA

Retainer for internal development teams

Protoype · NDA

Bluetooth device in browser usage

Digital Development · Product

Sports quiz app for Android and iOS

Digital Development · GetCoin

Social network and gambling site for Bitcoin

Digital Development · AAds

Advertisement service with management solution